At Atencio’s Construction & Landscape, our job is to assure your home and landscaping are always up to par and looking good. However, the winter months can be rough for those with a green thumb.

When the garden space outside lies dormant, the desire for at least a few winter-time plants often remain. Luckily, there’s a way to raise winter plants indoors to keep your gardening skills in top shape ahead of springtime.

Now that we’re past the shortest day of the year, more and more sunlight will shine through your windows with each passing day until late June. Now is the best time to plant a few common garden essentials and mainstays in preparation for the next gardening season. Remember that under the right types of lighting, anything can grow indoors. However, if these special lights are hard to come by or out of your price range, it’s best to keep your winter plants on a south or west-facing window sill to guarantee an adequate amount of sunshine. There’s also a popular IKEA item that facilitates indoor gardening on a tabletop. If you begin to raise peppers and even tomatoes indoors with proper lights and warmth, you may just be able to raise a substantial plant to replant into your outdoor garden once springtime is officially upon us.

Herbs also grow very well indoors, as well as basic salad and cabbage plants. Because these are hard to come by in the winter months, prices at the grocery store for greens tend to go up when it’s colder outside. So, growing them on your own may be a challenge but can save you a little money in the long run if you’re successful. Be sure to keep your gardens small compared to what you would look for outside, as indoor space is often limited and plants cannot maintain growth past a certain size indoors during the winter. Microgreens and herbs are wonderful additions to wintertime recipes and hearty meals.

Last, if you’re up for a wintertime challenge, we would also suggest experimenting with winter wheat and other winter greens that are accustomed to low-light environments with colder temperatures.

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