How To Dispose of Fall Leaves Before Snowfall


Now that the leaves of autumn have fallen, it’s time to prepare your yard for snowfall. But for many, raking leaves through the fall lands you with a truckload of garbage bags and seemingly endless trips to the dump. For others, the job gets even more complicated when attempting to compost these leaves.

Both practices are good ones, but pose their own inconveniences in our busy lives. With the right construction and landscape services and contractors, your seasonal adjustments can easily be done to optimize the summer gardening season next year. Our goal is to help you create the type of yard and landscaping solutions that can easily transition from wintertime to spring regrowth, while also being strong enough to handle harsh winter temperatures and frost as well as spring and fall-time winds.

Allow our team of landscaping experts to prepare your yard for Colorado’s intense seasonal changes and minimize loss of growth or species in your garden and landscape design. We specialize in landscape installment and maintenance, including leaf removal and safe disposal.

The reason it’s a good idea to invest in landscaping services is because your yard can add thousands to your home’s property value, or easily subtract for it if not properly maintained. In a sense, you’re spending money on our professional, reliable services to make money on your investment years down the road. Plus, our experts understand the types of trees common and native to Colorado backyards as well as the leaves that grow on them. For example, carbon-heavy pine needles and oak tree leaves are tough to compost, unlike birch trees and maple leaves that rot relatively fast.

In performing our construction and landscape services, we’ll take the time to identify exactly what your yard will need through each season of the year. Plus, protecting the soil that’s needed in the spring and summer to grow various plants and flowers is often damaged through the winter months, and our special care and services can protect it. We also know how to keep unwanted critters out of your yard and garden throughout the year, while respecting other wildlife that may cross through your yard on a day to day basis.

Finally, it’s important as a homeowner to have a landscaper on your side. We understand how landscapes interact with our homes, and vice versa. We also know how to create landscaping solutions that are good for your property value and the environment, all at once. If you have questions about seasonal landscaping in Colorado and would like to know more about our services, feel free to contact our customer service representatives today.

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