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Sometimes, it doesn’t have to involve a major change to your home’s exterior. Rather, homeowners should consider planting trees to improve property value and make their home more attractive. Trees grow, and as they mature, can add a significant advantage to your lot over others, as well as provide some added beauty to the space. But, choosing a tree can be a tricky process in the mile-high climate of western Colorado. Trees do have a downside, since they require quite a bit of care and attention as they grow, and maintenance as they age and undergo seasonal change. This is where our services come in. We’ll help you choose the perfect tree to plant near your home, both in function and beauty, as well as provide landscaping services that uphold the value of the tree itself, helping it to stand the test of time.

Depending on what type of tree you choose, it can mature in a matter of years or decades.

Plus, you’ll want to choose trees that will not create unwanted fruits if that is not your goal, since they often attract certain animals as well. Trees must also be taken care of as they undergo their first winter seasons. Heavy rain and snow can destroy a growing tree, despite any human effort to stint the tree and guide it as it plants its roots near your home. If you’d like to create more shade, choose a tree that will mature quickly. These will most likely be smaller trees in maturity. We’ll also advise you on what size tree will complement your home, based on it’s size as well. 

Next, be sure to understand the difference between evergreen trees and shrubs, which do not lose any leaves throughout each season, and those that are deciduous and undergo stark seasonal change by dropping leaves in the fall and often flowering in the spring. You’ll also want to consider whether you’d like a tree with large, flat leaves or pine needles. Choosing your tree is critical because it will dictate future maintenance as well as the initial planting price up front.

You’ll also want to double check on your future tree’s ability to handle cold weather. Trees wtih a higher zone rating will do well in harsh conditions, which can be common during a semi-arid winter. Species that prefer alkaline soil types also tend to thrive in Colorado. We will deter you from choosing trees and shrubs with thorns, especially if you have a family with small children or pets, and we’ll be sure to let you know if you are requesting a tree with added maintenance involved, such as extra twig release or weed growth near the tree itself.


Call one of our landscaping experts with any questions you may have about the potential of planting new and beautiful trees in your yard next year.

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