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Atencio’s Construction & Landscape is a specialty contracting company that specializes in a variety of home repair and maintenance services, including but not limited to roofing, landscaping, construction, renovation, HVAC system maintenance, and custom projects. Our business grows and changes each year, as does our customer base and industry at large. We work hard to keep an eye on what customers want and respond to and what the construction industry demands as far as innovation, technological change, and market pricing for various services. We took a quick look ahead at what’s to come in 2018 regarding technology, the job market, and other shifts in our industry.

Technological change continues to top the list when we look ahead at what’s to come year after year, since innovation is a never-ending process in the world of manufacturing and construction. However, the basic concepts of what we do never change, and the best rules of thumb when it comes to doing good quality work are also fairly static. But there is little doubt technology has made our jobs easier over time. In fact, even the ability to connect with our customers through avenues like this blog have forever changed the way we do business and how we relate to our clients on a personal and professional level. In the next year, we expect technologies like 3-dimensional printing, drones, and potentially, artificial intelligence, to play a role in our industry as we look for ways to produce strong building materials at a cheaper price, limit risk for our labor forces, and assist us in project management, customer connection, and record keeping.

Next, we’re expecting a strong business year as consumer spending has been on a steady increase for the past 14 months. Consumer spending growth grew 6 percent from this time last year, and that economic health undoubtedly made its way into the construction industry. With commercial and residential projects continuing to explode across the Front Range, we believe our services will continue to be invaluable to a growing population of Denver-area residents and demand for services like ours will remain strong through 2018.

As we work to meet a projected increase in demand, we’ll also be trying to cut costs across the industry. Now, for Atencio’s Construction & Landscape, this never means cutting corners. Rather, it means getting smarter about how we spend our cash and on what types of supplies and materials. We work to use only the best building materials to create long-lasting repair solutions for our clients. Unfortunately, one thing we face in our industry is a shortage of skilled labor and a steady increase in supply costs. This is due to high demand for services like ours during a time when many children are opting out of skilled trades as they come of age.

At Atencio’s Construction & Landscape, we’re looking forward to another great year of serving our neighbors with high-quality repair and contracting services while making a difference in our community and staying competitive in the Denver market.

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