Start to Build It: A DIY’ers Basic Guide To Building a Table


A perfect way to accent your home’s interior style and add conversation starters to your decor is by incorporating a few do-it-yourself projects into this year’s list of projects. Whether you’re a tenured craftsman or just getting started, one fun and easy project is building a table from reclaimed wood. Not only is the upcycled look in style, but it’s also a fun way to bring your family into the project. By putting your heads together and looking for building materials, you can make the project a fun and memorable addition to your home with a few easy steps.

As is true with any carpentry project, always prioritize safety. Before beginning any sort of home improvement, craft, or construction project, be sure you’re familiar with the tools you’ll be using and have access to proper eye protection. It’s also best to work with a partner that can spot your work and keep you safe.

To create a basic table, there are a few steps you’ll want to go through before any saw work or assembly takes place. You can find wood at thrift stores or take materials from an existing wood piece that is no longer wanted or needed. Make sure this wood is sturdy and solid, as any existing rotting or splitting can result in an unsafe piece of furniture. Once your materials are together, sand down the wood with a piece of sandpaper. You can purchase these at a local hardware store. This process will take some time, so be patient. Once you have sanded down the surfaces of your wood pieces, you can move forward in staining them. Do this by applying wood stain to the wood using long, steady brush strokes until all surfaces are properly coated. Let each piece dry, and decide whether you’d like to do another coat of stain to darken the color. Once you’re satisfied with the color, it’s time to measure and cut your wood pieces.

First, you’ll want at least four wide pieces to serve as the table top. Use a table saw, electric saw, or manual saw to cut these pieces down to your desired size and fashion them side by side. Then, use two or three cross-beam pieces to hold your table top together. They should fit length-wise across all four tabletop wood slabs. Drill holes into these pieces so the holes are situated above each table top piece. Use wood glue to put all pieces together so far, and finish things off with eight screws to hold the table top together.

To create a picnic table effect, you’ll only need four more pieces of wood to finish your table. Choose pieces that can reach as high as you’d like the table to sit. Once you’ve selected them, cut the ends of each one at a 45-degree angle, so the wood’s edges are slanted. Then, measure the center of each piece and mark the spot using a pencil. Put two of the wood planks together in an ‘X’ fashion, lining up those center marks on either side. Connect them using a screw. Do the same to the other two pieces of wood. Finally, you’ll turn your table top on it’s side and attach the legs to the bottom side of the table top piece.

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